20 January, 2008

Be a product tester!

Well as I have said before, I am all for getting free stuff. Here is another interesting way to get it. Become a product tester. There are several sites that I have recently become a member of, that will send you products to test. Companies want to know how real life consumers feel about their products and so will send you them for free, to keep, forever!

Bzz Agent

Join the hive today! After you sign up (for FREE) you will have to fill out some profile surveys so they can match you with products that are relevant to your life. You will then be invited to campaigns and once you accept, the Bzz Kit will be mailed to you. The Bzz Kit can include coupons, samples, and products. I just got one for Pledge Multi Surface products that included coupons, samples, a Multi Surface Duster starter pack and a 25 count pack of Pledge Multi Surface wipes. Not bad when all I have to do in return is Bzz people about it (talk about it, give them samples or coupons). You see they want you to generate word of mouth advertising for them. Once you have Bzzed about the product to freinds, family, or coworkers, report back to the central hive with at least one detailed Bzz report telling them who you bzzed, where, and how. In return for your reports, you will receive points that you can turn in for merchandise.

She Speaks

She Speaks works in much the same way as Bzz Agent. You sign up (for FREE) and fill out some profile surveys. When they have a product test that will apply to you, you will receive an email. You will take an enrollment survey and then they will send you your free product to test. When you are done, simply provide She Speaks with feedback on how or if you liked the product. They will share with you how your feedback has influenced the product and then send you products, special offers, and coupons that you can pass on to your friends.

These are two of the sites I do product testing for. It is a fun and easy way to get free stuff for you and your home.

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